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Four Safety Recommendation Letters Concerning Helicopter Emergency Medical Services

Categories: Health/Medical,Transportation

Summarizes the actions and recommendations from a meeting held to discuss safety problems in the helicopter-based emergency medical service business. There were 8 fatal HEMS accidents in 2008 with a total of 29 fatalities. From the National Transportation Safety Board.

Local Government Actions to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Categories: Children,Health/Medical,Laws/Regulations

Discusses several actions that local governments can take, such as zoning restrictions on fast-food restaurants near schools, to tackle the childhood obesity problem in their communities. From the Institute of Medicine.

Economic Downturns and Crime

Categories: Business/Economics,Crime/Justice,Financial Crisis/Markets

In the midst of the current recession that some believe will be the longest lasting since the Great Depression, this report examines the available research on how selected economic variables may or may not be related to crime rates. Examines unemployment, home foreclosure rates and GDP levels to crime rates. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by

Implementation of the Child Safe Viewing Act: Examination of Parental Control Technologies

Categories: Children,Libraries/Museums,Obscenity/Pornography,Science/Technology,Telecommunications/Internet

Report to Congress mandated by the Child Safe Viewing Act which assesses the current state of parental control devices and other blocking technologies designed to protect children from inappropriate content on television, the Internet, and other electronic products. From the Federal Communications Commission.

FEMA’s Sourcing for Disaster Response Goods and Services

Categories: Govt/Business Scandals,Homeland Security,Weather/Disasters

Criticizes the way in which the Federal Emergency Management Agency provides victims with goods and services following disasters. From the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security

Measuring the Effects of the Business Cycle on the Federal Budget: An Update

Categories: Business/Economics,Govt Finance,Statistics

Tries to assess the effect on the federal budget of swings in revenues and outlays due to economic developments. Predicts the federal deficit will rise to 8.6% of gross domestic product in 2009, then fall to 3.4% by 2011. From the Congressional Budget Office.