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Resolutions and Decisions of the Economic and Social Council 2008

Categories: United Nations

Offers the full text of the 38 resolutions and 261 decisions of the United Nations Economic and Social Council during 2008. From the United Nations.

Digest of United Kingdom Energy Statistics 2009

Categories: Energy,Great Britain,Statistics

Offers analysis and statistics on energy use in the United Kingdom with individual sections on specific fuels and renewable sources of energy. From the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Justice Interrupted: Historical Perspectives on Promoting Democracy in the Middle East

Categories: Education-Higher,Middle East Conflict

Ideas from a University of Virginia history professor about how to build connections between academic historians of the Middle East and policymakers. From the United States Institute of Peace.

Media as Global Diplomat

Categories: Foreign Affairs,Telecommunications/Internet

Offers a summary of the ideas emerging from a February 2009 meeting of 250 media professionals, diplomats, policymakers, and scholars to discuss how the U.S. could best use media to renew its publich diplomacy and strengthen efforts to build a more peaceful world. From the United States Institute of Peace.

Payers of Emergency Department Care, 2006

Categories: Health Insurance,Health/Medical,Statistics

Offers statistics on who paid the bills for hospital emergency care visits in 2006. Reports that 34% of visits were billed to private insurance, followed by Medicaid at 21% and Medicare 20%. Uninsured patients accounted for 17% of visits. From the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

The Size and Role of Government: Economic Issues

Categories: Business/Economics,Govt Finance

Covers the effect of the government on economic efficiency, the effects exerted by the government over economic growth by spending, taxes, transfers, and regulation, and how to measure the size of the government. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by

Congressional Member Organizations: Their Purpose and Activities, History and Formation

Categories: Congress,History

There are 645 informal member organizations listed in the congressional Yellow Book or registered with the Committee on House Administration. This report examines the purpose and activities of CMOs and the reasons members form them. It also identifies and describes 7 types of CMOs, discusses arguments for and against them, and provides a history of the development of such informal organizations since the first Congress. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by

Spectrum Policy in the Age of Broadband: Issues for Congress

Categories: Telecommunications/Internet

The convergence of wireless telecommunications technology and Internet protocols is fostering new generations of mobile technologies. This transformation has created new demands for advanced communications infrastructure and radio frequency spectrum capacity that can support high speed uses. This report considers the possibility of modifying spectrum policy to support national goals for broadband deployment by attracting new providers of wireless broadband services and to accommodate the wireless broadband needs of key industries such as energy, health care, and transportation. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by

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