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Futures and Foresight

Categories: Science/Technology

This note examines the key characteristics of futures work and its current use by governments and parliaments. Covers futures work at local and national levels and the extent to which it needs to consider social and other trends as well as developments in science and technology. From the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology.

Regenerative Medicine

Categories: Great Britain,Health/Medical,Laws/Regulations,Religion/Ethics,Science/Technology

Regenerative medicine tries to restore the function of diseased or damaged tissues or organs by a variety of approaches. This offers potential medical benefits but also poses regulatory challenges. This note looks at recent developments and analyzes the issues they pose for researchers and regulators. From the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology.

American Grand Strategy After War

Categories: Defense/Military,History,Iraq

Summarizes a February 2009 colloquium where historians and political scientists presented their views on grand strategies pursued by the U.S. following past wars and what grand strategy is likely to follow the Iraq War. From the Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College.

Maliki’s Iraq Between Two Elections

Categories: Elections/Campaigns,Energy,Iraq

Presents Iraqi views of the provincial election results in January 2009, concerns about the recent decline in security and the financial pressures resulting from oil price declines, and hopes for the January 2010 national elections. From the United States Institute of Peace.

Small Business and Micro Business Lending in the United States for Data Years 2007-2008

Categories: Business/Economics,Statistics

Latest annual study of lending to small business firms by most depository institutions in the U.S. Covers lending by banks, savings and loans and state savings banks. Part one discusses developments in small business lending, while part two offers a directory of top small business lenders in the states. From the Small Business Administration.