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Statistical Yearbook for Asia and the Pacific: 2008

Offers statistical tables, charts, and a narrative overview of the 58 countries of the Asia and Pacific region. Provides over 200 indicators of social, economic and environmental development. Includes 29 chapters on topics such as demographic trends, gender equality, migration, urbanization, health, education, employment, energy supply and use, and economic growth. From the United Nations.

Births and Deaths in England and Wales: 2008

Categories: Births/Deaths,Great Britain,Statistics

Reports that the fertility rate for England and Wales was 1.95 children per woman, the highest since 1973. Also reports there were 708,708 live births in England and Wales in 2008 and 509,090 deaths registered. From the Office For National Statistics.

Abortion Statistics, England and Wales: 2008

Categories: Abortion/Contraception,Great Britain,Marriage/Family,Statistics

Reports that there were 195,296 abortions to residents of England and Wales in 2008 compared to 198,499 in 2007 or a decrease of 1.6%. Altogether there were 202,158 abortions in England and Wales, including 6,862 abortions for residents of other countries. Also covers location and funding of abortions, statutory grounds for the abortions, gestation period, marital status, and method of abortion. From the Department of Health and the Office for National Statistics.

Productivity and Costs by Industry: Selected Service Providing and Mining Industries, 2007

Categories: Labor/Employment,Statistics

Reports that labor productivity, defined as output per hour, rose in 66% of the detailed service-providing and mining industries in 2007. Unit labor costs rose in 70% of the industries. Service industries covered include utilities, transportation and warehousing, information, finance and insurance, real estate, professional and technical services, health care, food services, and arts, entertainment, and recreation. From the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Smoking, Alcohol Use, and Illicit Drug Use Reported by Adolescents Aged 12-17: U.S., 1999-2004

Categories: Alcohol/Drug Abuse,Smoking/Tobacco,Statistics,Youth

Reports that about 40% of adolescents have ever tried smoking cigarettes, 16% had their first alcoholic drink before age 13, and 21% had tried marijuana. The tables included present weighted percentages and standard errors for smoking, alcohol, and illicit drug use behaviors in U.S. adolescents by sex, race/ethnicity, education and poverty level. From the National Center for Health Statistics

Major Depressive Episode and Treatment Among Adults

Categories: Mental Health

Estimates that 16.5 million persons aged 18 or older experienced at least one major depressive episode in the past year and 64% of those had received treatment for depression in the past year. From the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Federal Tax Policies and Farm Households

Categories: Agriculture/Rural Issues,Taxes

Evaluates the impact of federal income and estate tax policies on the tax burdens and financial well-being of farm households. From the Economic Research Service.

Report of the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse

Categories: Children,Crime/Justice,Education,Govt/Business Scandals,Ireland,Religion/Ethics,Sex Issues,Youth

Lengthy, multi-volume report on the abuse of Irish children in residential church-run schools for poor, orphaned or delinquent youth. Covers incidents from the 1930s to the 1990s when the schools were closed. From the Commission created by the Irish government.

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