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Earl Gregg Swem Library

Coming Together to Bring Down the Cost of Health Care: Fact Sheet

Categories: Health/Medical,Medicare/Medicaid,Prices/Inflation

Lays out five step approach for reducing the cost of health care including reducing hospital readmission rates, medicare overpayments, and drug prices. From the White House.

Estimates of Job Creation from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

Categories: Business/Economics,Labor/Employment,Laws/Regulations

Describes the estimating procedures used so far, specifies procedures to be used by recipients of federal funds for estimating job creation going forward, discusses reporting requirements for job creation, and describes the procedures that will be used to evaluate the job creation and retention of ARRA. From the Council of Economic Advisers.

Citizen’s Briefing Book: To President Barack Obama From the American People

Presents the leading ideas from citizens about what the Obama Administration should do. From 44,000 ideas submitted by 125,000 participants, these ideas received the most citizen “votes.” Organized by nine broad categories: economy, education, energy & environment, foreign policy, health care, homeland security, service, technology, and veterans. From the White House.

Popular Baby Names

Categories: Births/Deaths,Retirement/Social Security,Statistics

In 2008 Jacob remained the most popular male name but Emily, long the top female choice, fell to 3rd place behind Emma and Isabella. From the Social Security Administration.

Women in European Politics: Time for Action

Categories: Elections/Campaigns,European Union,Labor/Employment,Women

Argues that there has been a persistent under-representation of women in politics across Europe. Covers the gender balance in politics at all levels and examines the current situation of women as elected representatives, the extent to which they are selected as candidates for election, and some of the reasons behind the limited progress to date. Also presents a brief analysis of the gender equality situation in other European areas such as business and public administration. From the European Commission.

The 2009 Influenza A (H1N1) Outbreak: Selected Legal Issues

Categories: Civil/Human Rights,Health/Medical,Homeland Security,Labor/Employment

Provides a brief overview of selected legal issues associated with a possible influenza pandemic including emergency measures, civil rights, liability issues, and employment issues. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists.

Equality Bill

Describes an attempt by the British Parliament to harmonize existing law which outlaws various types of discrimination into a more coherent whole. Proposes a new legal framework for equalities legislation, and includes a section on statistical aspects of social inequality, including age, disability, gender, marriage and civil partnership, ethnic minorities, religion, sexual orientation and gender pay gap. House of Commons Library Research Paper 09/42.

H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine

Categories: Great Britain,Health/Medical,Science/Technology

Describes how a pandemic vaccine for use in the United Kingdom would be manufactured and alternative techniques for vaccine development and manufacture. From the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology.