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The Supervisory Capital Assessment Program: Design and Implementation

Categories: Business/Economics,Financial Crisis/Markets

A white paper describing the program by which the Federal Reserve will assess the capital needs of U.S. banks during the current financial crisis and how much additional capital would be prudent to provide a buffer against higher than expected losses. From the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

Understanding Muslim Ethnic Communities: Technical Report

Categories: Afghanistan,Arab,Egypt,Great Britain,India,Iran,Iraq,Pakistan,Religion/Ethics,Turkey

Attempts to identify the key characteristics of 13 priority Muslim communities in England including those from Afghanistan, Egypt, India, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. Aims to determine where the Muslim population is located, its size and demographic characteristics, the level of social infrastructure for each group, and how the government can best engage with them. From the Communities and Local Government Department of the United Kingdom.

Growth in PAC Financial Activity Slows

Categories: Elections/Campaigns,Statistics

Reports that political action committees raised $1.2 billion during the 2007-2008 election cycle, up 10.5% over the figure for 2005-2006. Growth rates for cycles in 2004 and 2006 had been 18 to 30%. From the Federal Election Commission

Summary 2008 Traffic Data for U.S. and Foreign Airlines

Categories: Statistics,Transportation

Reports that total passenger traffic was down 3.5% from 2007. Southwest Airlines carried the most total system passengers of any U.S. airline in 2008. The busiest airport was Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International with more passengers boarding planes than at any other U.S. airport. From the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

Consumer Expenditures in 2007

Categories: Prices/Inflation,Statistics

Reports that households spent $49,638 on average in 2007, a 2.6% increase over the previous year. Offers details on average expenditures by major components of spending by income of households and other breakdowns. From the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Beyond Voice: Mapping the Mobile Marketplace

Categories: Advertising/Marketing,Children,Consumer Info/Protection,Privacy,Telecommunications/Internet,Youth

Reports on May 2008 town hall meetings on consumer protection issues related to mobile communication devices. Concludes that more government oversight is needed in the areas of cost disclosures, unwanted text messages and spyware, advertising practices, and privacy issues, especially related to the use of mobile devices by children and youth. From the Federal Trade Commission.

How CBO Estimates the Costs of Reducing Greenhouse-Gas Emissions

Categories: Climate Change,Environment,Prices/Inflation

Describes the methodology used to estimate the incremental costs to firms and households of mitigating greenhouse gases, the data sources and models used to develop that methodology, and the rationale for using it. From the Congressional Budget Office.

Human Swine Influenza Investigation

Categories: Headlines,Health/Medical,Recreation/Travel

Offers information on the current status of the swine flu, the number of cases reported in the U.S. by state, general information on the disease, travel guidance and restrictions, and what you can do to try to avoid the disease. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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