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Results of the 2009 Section 1377 Review of Telecommunications Trade Agreements

Categories: Foreign Trade/Investment,Telecommunications/Internet

Presents annual review of issues related to U.S. telecommunications agreements with other countries. From the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.

Hybrid Threats: Reconceptualizing the Evolving Character of Modern Conflict

Categories: Defense/Military

Rejects the usual choice between conventional and counterinsurgency war and argues for preparation against foes who will use all forms of war. Asserts that U.S. forces must be able to fight high-intensity wars while carrying out long-term stability operations. From the National Defense University.

The United States and the Asia-Pacific Region: National Interests and Strategic Imperatives

Categories: Asia,Australia,China,Japan,Korea

Examines the economic power of the nations of East Asia whose share of world GDP grew from 26% in 1990 to 37% in 2006. Reviews U.S. commercial, cultural, and security ties with China, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Korea and the Philippines and calls for a clear understanding of U.S. interests in Asia. From the National Defense University.

Ukraine Against Herself: To be Euro-Atlantic, Eurasian, or Neutral

Categories: Asia,European Union,NATO,Russia,Ukraine

Examines how Ukraine has been caught between those who favor closer alliance with Europe and NATO and those who favor closer ties with Russia. Examines recent progress in developing democratic institutions and how such progress has instigated a type of political instability. From the National Defense University.

Land, Property, and the Challenge of Return for Iraq’s Displaced

Categories: Democracy/Peace,Iraq

Analyzes the land and property issues confronting displaced citizens and the measures taken to date by the Iraqi government to resolve them. From the United States Institute of Peace.

The Kurds in Syria: Fueling Separatist Movements in the Region?

Categories: Democracy/Peace,Middle East Conflict,Syria

Examines the relations between the Kurds and the Syrian state, traces the development of Kurdish political organization in Syria, traces the relationship between the Kurds and the Syrian prodemocracy movement, shows how stability in the region is connected to the status of the Kurds, and offers policy recommendations for Syria. From the United States Institute of Peace.

China’s Ongoing Agricultural Modernization: Challenges Remain After 30 Years of Reform

Categories: Agriculture/Rural Issues,China,Foreign Trade/Investment,Statistics

Provides an overview of current issues in China’s agricultural development, policy responses to these issues, and assesses the effects of these policies on the growing role of China in international markets. From the Economic Research Service

Nonmedical Use of Adderall Among Full-Time College Students

Categories: Alcohol/Drug Abuse,Education-Higher,Statistics,Youth

Reports that college students 18-22 years of age were twice as likely as their counterparts who were not full-time college students to have used Adderall nonmedically in the past year. Also speculates on connections between use of Adderall and use of marijuana and cocaine. From the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

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