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Digest of United Kingdom Energy Statistics 2008

Categories: Energy,Great Britain,Statistics

Covers all major aspects of energy production and consumption including petroleum, coal, gas, electricity and renewable sources. Covers five year trends with some key series taken back to 1970. From the UK Statistics Authority.

Income of the Population 55 or Older, 2004 Expanded Edition

Categories: Elderly,Income/Poverty,Retirement/Social Security,Statistics

Provides data on the income of the older population, especially those over 65. Covers major sources and amounts of income for the elderly, the relative importance of various income sources, and the poverty status of elderly persons based on family income. From the Social Security Administration.

Descriptive Summary of 2003-04 Beginning Postsecondary Students: Three Years Later

Categories: Education-Higher,Statistics

Provides a description of the characteristics and enrollment patterns of a sample of students who began postsecondary education during the 2003-04 academic year. Includes background, academic preparation, rates of persistence, attrition and transfer. From the National Center for Education Statistics.

A Brief History of Veterans’ Education Benefits and Their Value

Categories: Education-Higher,Prices/Inflation,Statistics,Veterans

Reviews the evolution of education benefit programs for veterans prior to the enactment of the Post 9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008. Also examines how changes in average college prices compare with the estimated value of those benefits and discusses the interaction between veterans&$x0027; education benefits and federal student aid benefits. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by

A Look at Terrorist Behavior: How They Prepare, Where They Strike

Categories: Homeland Security,Terrorism

Examines more than 50 terrorist incidents to find patterns behind preparations for and locations of attacks. From the Department of Justice.

Mid-Session Review, Budget of the U.S. Government, Fiscal Year 2009

Categories: Govt Finance,Statistics

Contains revised estimates of receipts, outlays, and the size of the budget deficit since the release of the presidential budgetary documents in February. Expects the 2008 budget deficit to be $389 billion and the 2009 deficit to rise to $482 billion. From the Office of Management and Budget and GPO Access.

Trade Union Membership Statistics 2007

Categories: Great Britain,Labor Unions,Statistics

Provides estimates of the rate of trade union membership in Great Britain and the United Kingdom from the fourth quarter of 2007. Reports that union membership fell from 28.3% to 28% in 2007 and, for the sixth consecutive year, a higher proportion of women than men were trade union members. From the UK Statistics Authority.

National Statistics Annual Report 2007/2008

Categories: Great Britain,Statistics

Describes the nature and variety of government statistics in Great Britain and chronicles the creation of the new UK Statistical Authority. Command Paper 7435 of the British Parliament.

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