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Draft NTP Brief on Bisphenol A

Categories: Health/Medical

Draft report on the potential harmful effects from exposure to a chemical, bisphenol A or BPA, found in thousands of everyday products including compact discs and baby bottles. From the National Toxicology Program of the National Institutes of Health.

Efforts Since 2000 to Simplify the SSI Program: Legislative and Regulatory Changes

Categories: Income/Poverty,Welfare/Social Services

Reviews reform efforts to simplify the Supplemental Security Income Program through changes affecting the reporting of income and resources. From the Social Security Administration.

Kenya: Setting the Stage for Durable Peace?

Categories: Africa,Civil/Human Rights,Democracy/Peace

Examines the chaos following the failed election in December 2007, the series of commissions including the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission and the Constitutional Review Commission set up, and the influence of the National Accord in restoring normality. From the U.S. Institute of Peace.

Summary Estimates for Multinational Companies: Employment, Sales, and Capital

Categories: Business/Economics,Labor/Employment,Statistics

Reports that worldwide employment by U.S. multinational companies increased by 3.3% in 2006, while employment in the U.S. by U.S. parent companies increased by 2.7%. U.S. employees accounted for 70% of the worldwide employment of U.S. multinational companies. From the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Parental Transfers, Student Achievement, and the Labor Supply of College Students

Categories: Education-Higher,Labor/Employment,Statistics

49% of all 4 year college students and 61% of 2 year students were working while attending college in the fall of 2006. This paper looks at reasons why they work and the effects on their grades, suggesting that work that detracts from schooling and hurts academic performance reduces future wages. Bureau of Labor Statistics Working Paper 416.

The Effect of Hurricane Katrina on the Labor Market Outcomes of Evacuees

Categories: Labor/Employment,Statistics,Weather/Disasters

Estimates that Katrina had substantial effects on the labor market outcomes of evacuees over the first year after the storm, but that the effects diminished over time as evacuees adjusted to new circumstances. Also reports that evacuees who did not return to the New Orleans area have fared much worse in the labor market than those who returned. Bureau of Labor Statistics Working Paper 415.

Revenues and Expenditures for Public Elementary and Secondary Education: School Year 2005-06

Categories: Education,Statistics

Offers basic revenue and expenditure data by state for public elementary and secondary education systems. Covers revenues by source and expenditures by function including expenditures per pupil. From the National Center for Education Statistics.

The Role of Offsets in a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Cap-And-Trade Program: Potential Benefits and Conc

Categories: Climate Change,Environment

Describes the types of offsets and offers examples. Also analyzes the concerns with offsets, including whether they represent real emission reductions and whether they would discourage the development of new mitigation technologies. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by

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