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Invasive Non-Native Species

Categories: Environment,Great Britain

Describes the scope of the problem in Great Britain, some typical invasive species, the threat posed to biodiversity and economic interests, and the British strategy for dealing with the problem. From the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology.

Puerto Rico has Higher Home Ownership, Larger Households

Categories: Housing/Homelessness,Population/Census,Statistics

Residents of Puerto Rico have a higher home ownership rate, more people per household, and were less likely to move than U.S. residents. Press release summarizing demographic, socioeconomic and housing data about Puerto Rico available in the 2006 American Community Survey. From the Census Bureau.

The Social Security Number: Legal Developments Affecting its Collection, Disclosure and Confidential

Categories: Privacy,Retirement/Social Security

Covers origin and federal government use of the SSN, legislation which has restricted use of SSNs, constitutional challenges to SSN collection and dissemination, and SSn use in the private sector. Also includes a chronology of federal developments affecting the SSN. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists.

The REAL ID Act of 2005: Legal, Regulatory, and Implementation Issues

Categories: Federal State Relations,Homeland Security,Privacy,Transportation

Reviews the history of the legislation that imposes federal requirements on state issuance of drivers&#x0027′ licenses and identification cards. Also reviews the main constitutional questions relating to such legislation, unfunded mandate issues, the time line for state implementation and other issues. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists.

Military Interrogation of Alien Unlawful Combatants Held Outside the United States

Categories: Crime/Justice,Defense/Military,Govt/Business Scandals,Terrorism,Treaties

The controversial memo from the Justice Department, written in 2003 by then Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo, that concluded that criminal statutes and treaties forbidding torture and other forms of physical abuse of prisoners did not apply to the interrogation of persons deemed unlawful combatants. The ruling was later rescinded. Declassified by the Justice Department and posted by the Federation of American Scientists.