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Dissent and Strategic Leadership of the Military Professions

Categories: Defense/Military

Examines the degree to which military leaders are or should be servants of civilian leaders or professional leaders with a greater degree of independence. From the Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College

Toward Peace in the Southern Philippines

Categories: Asia

Describes U.S. efforts to expedite a peace agreement between the government of the Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Describes the background of the conflict and the nature of the current negotiations. From the U.S. Institute of Peace.

Sudanese Universities as Sites of Social Transformation

Categories: Africa,Education-Higher,Sudan

Examines the role played by universities in social and political change in Sudan. From the U.S. Institute of Peace.

Summary Health Statistics for the U.S. Population: National Health Interview Survey, 2006

Categories: Health Insurance,Health/Medical,Statistics

Provides health statistics for the U.S. population as of 2006. Topics covered include health status, health care access and utilization, health insurance coverage, and limitations in activities due to health conditions. From the National Center for Health Statistics.

Public Health Preparedness: Mobilizing State by State

Categories: Health/Medical,Terrorism

Reports on progress made and challenges remaining for response to terrorist attacks and other public health emergencies. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Estimates of the Legal Permanent Resident Population iin 2006

Categories: Homeland Security,Immigration/Migration,Statistics

Covers people with lawful permanent residence status but not those who have become citizens. Shows where they came from, when they received legal status, and where they live. From the Department of Homeland Security

Campus Law Enforcement, 2004-2005

Categories: Crime/Justice,Education-Higher,Statistics

Reports on findings of a survey of college and university campus law enforcement agencies. Summarizes campus crime statistics but primarily focuses on campus force recruiting, training, types of equipment, special programs and so forth. From the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

State Fact Sheets: Toxic Release Indicator Explorer

Categories: Environment,Waste Management

Offers summary data for toxic chemical releases by industry in each of the 50 states.From the Environmental Protection Agency.

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