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Developing Strategic Leaders for the 21st Century

Categories: Defense/Military

Argues that the federal government needs a process to recruit, develop, and retain leaders capable of integrating contributions of specialized government agencies on behalf of larger national security interests. From the Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College.

Facing the Abyss: Lebanon’s Deadly Political Stalemate

Categories: Middle East Conflict,Syria

Describes the current conditions of crisis, three years after the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and the Cedar Revolution which drove out the Syrians, in Lebanon. Also covers the current political impasse and prospects for the future. From the U. S. Institute of Peace.

USDA Agricultural Projections to 2017

Categories: Agriculture/Rural Issues,Food/Nutrition,Income/Poverty,Prices/Inflation,Statistics

Provides 10 year projections covering agricultural commodities, agricultural trade, and other indicators such as farm income and food prices. From the Economic Research Service of the Department of Agriculture.

Economic Report of the President 2009

Categories: Business/Economics,Presidency,Statistics

Combines administration view of current condition of U.S. economy with Annual Report of the Council of Economic Advisers and statistical tables on income, employment, and production. From the White House.

Report on Coordination of Intellectual Property Enforcement and Protection

Categories: Copyright/Patents,Crime/Justice

Annual report on federal efforts to prevent copyright piracy and violation of other intellectual property rights. From the Justice Department and the National Intellectual Property Law Enforcement Coordination Council.

Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Report 2007

Latest annual report with statistics on the hiring and employment level of minorities and women in the federal government. Also reports on personnel practices used to recruit and retain a diversified work force. From the Office of Personnel Management.

Climate Vision Progress Report 2007

Categories: Climate Change,Energy,Environment,Manufacturing

Reports on progress in cutting greenhouse gas emissions from a voluntary public-private partnership program involving industrial companies accounting for nearly 50% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. From the Department of Energy

Attracting the Next Generation: A Look at Federal Entry-Level New Hires

Categories: Careers,Govt Personnel

Describes how the federal government can improve its ability to recruit and hire entry-level professional and administrative employees. Covers federal government hiring trends, workforce demographics, what job seekers want, and what they did to get federal jobs. From the Merit Systems Protection Board.

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