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Governor Kaine’s Recommended Budget Reductions to the General Assembly 2008-2010

Categories: Govt Finance,Headlines,Health Insurance,Virginia Issues

Budget shortfall now estimated to be $1.4 billion for remainder of FY 2008 and FYs 2009-2010. Calls for further budget cuts to agencies but not universities for FY 2008 and deeper cuts for 2009-2010, trims budget initiatives for preK education and health insurance, and further reduces proposed pay raises for state employees to 2% from originally proposed 3% in FY 2010 unless revenues improve. From the Office of the Governor

The Egypt-Gaza Border and its Effect on Israeli-Egyptian Relations

Categories: Egypt,Foreign Assistance,Israel,Middle East Conflict

Describes the nature of recent friction between Israel and Egypt over alleged smuggling of weapons into the Gaza Strip by Hamas and how U.S. foreign aid has become involved in the dispute. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists

Categories: Defense/Military,Homeland Security,Transportation

Reports the results of an investigation into a widely publicized incident in August 2007 when missiles containing live nuclear warheads were accidentally transported across the country, Includes recommendations to prevent such mistakes in the future. From the Defense Science Board.