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International Comparisons of Manufacturing Productivity and Unit Labor Cost Trends 2006

Categories: Labor/Employment,Manufacturing,Statistics

U.S. manufacturing labor productivity in 2006 increased by 2.4% which was 11th out of 16 countries compared. Korea and Taiwan at 10.8% and 6.9% ranked highest. Canada was the only country with no productivity growth. From the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

New Data on Residents of Adult Correctional Facilities, Nursing Homes and Other Group Quarters

Categories: Population/Census,Statistics

Press release announcing the availability of data on the social and economic characteristics of people living in group quarters such as prisons, college dorms, and nursing homes. State must have minimum number of group quarter residents for data availability. Also, from the American Community Survey, latest data on social and economic characteristics for more than 100 race and ethnic groups and 72 ancestry groups at the national and state level. From the Census Bureau.