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Births, Marriages, Divorces, and Deaths: Provisional Data for 2006

Categories: Births/Deaths,Marriage/Family,Statistics

Includes national and state level data. From the National Center for Health Statistics.

The Applicability of Housing First Models to Homeless Persons with Serious Mental Illness

Categories: Housing/Homelessness

Describes how so-called Housing First programs work to assist the homeless, what their key features are, characteristics of Housing First clients, and expected outcomes. From the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Deaths: Preliminary Data for 2005

Categories: Births/Deaths,Statistics

Presents selected findings from preliminary 2005 mortality data, including the 15 leading causes of death, and the life expectancy figure in the U.S. for 2005, which was 77.9 years.From the National Center for Health Statistics.

Status and Trends in the Education of Racial and Ethnic Minorities

Categories: African Americans,Asian Americans,Education,Hispanics,Native Americans,Statistics

Profiles current conditions and recent trends in the education of minority students. Presents a selection of 28 indicators that compare the educational achievement of Hispanic, African-American, Asian-American, American Indian and Pacific Islander students with each other and with white students. From the National Center for Education Statistics.

The Virginia Energy Plan

Categories: Energy,Virginia Issues

Represents the initial Virginia ten-year energy plan as required by the General Assembly in 2006 legislation. Sets several energy goals for 2017 including reducing the rate of growth of energy use by 40% and increasing Virginia’s indigenous energy production by 20%, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2025. From the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy.

Replacing and Repairing Equipment Used in Iraq and Afghanistan: The Army’s Reset Program

Categories: Afghanistan,Defense/Military,Govt Finance,Iraq

The military has received $38 billion for equipment replacement due to operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. This report examines the Army’s requirements and the administration’s funding requests and tries to explain differences between its estimates and those of the military. From the Congressional Budget Office.

The Potential for Carbon Sequestration in the United States

Categories: Climate Change,Environment

Carbon sequestration is another method, besides lowering carbon emissions, of reducing the quantity of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This report examines the methods, technological potential, and possible costs of carbon dioxide capture and storage in the U.S. From the Congressional Budget Office.