Government Information

Earl Gregg Swem Library

European Business: Facts and Figures: 2006 Edition

Categories: Business/Economics,European Union,Manufacturing,Statistics

Information and data on the structure, development, and characteristics of European businesses, including manufacturing, construction, and services sectors.. From Eurostat and the European Commission.

GEO: Global Environment Outlook Yearbook: 2007

Categories: Environment,United Nations

Global and regional overviews of significant environmental developments over the past year. Includes a special section on the interaction between environmental conditions and globalization forces. From the United Nations Environment Programme.

Linking Multinational Corporations Data From International Investment and Industrial R&D Surveys

Categories: Business/Economics,Foreign Trade/Investment,Science/Technology

Offers new information on the domestic and international dimensions of U.S. research and development activity, such as data on the R&D activities of U.S. and foreign multinational companies by character of work. From the National Science Foundation.

Conflict Assessment: Federal Outdoor Advertising Control Program

Categories: Advertising/Marketing,Environment,Transportation

Calls for updating policies relating to the Highway Beautification Act of 1965 to reflect advances in billboard technology and other issues. From the Federal Highway Administration.

Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Categories: Children,Health/Medical

Reports on the prevalence of autism disorders in children aged 8 from a survey conducted in 14 communities in the U.S. and also reports on the characteristics of these children. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

A Nation at War

Categories: Defense/Military,Terrorism

Papers from the 17th Annual Strategy Conference at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania. Compares the War on Terrorism with conventional wars. From the Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College.

Nuclear Weapons: The Reliable Replacement Warhead Program

Categories: Defense/Military,Nuclear Arms

Describes the controversy about how to maintain the capability of aging nuclear weapons through Life Extension Program, which calls for replacing existing components as they wear out or through the Reliable Replacement Warhead Program, which calls for creating new-design replacement warheads. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists.