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2007 Consumer Action Handbook

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection

The annual consumer help guide. Part 1 offers tips for purchasing products and using financial services. Part 2 offers help on filing a complaint. Parts 3 and 4 include a consumer assistance directory and key consumer information resources. From the General Services Administration.

World Demographic Trends

Categories: Abortion/Contraception,Births/Deaths,Elderly,Immigration/Migration,Population/Census,United Nations

Predicts the world population will reach 6.6 billion during 2007. Provides an overview of demographic trends including population size and growth, fertility and contraception, mortality, international migration, population ageing, urbanization, and population policies. From the Secretary General of the United Nations

Consumer Fraud and Identity Theft Complaint Data: 2006

Categories: Crime/Justice

During 2006, 670,000 consumer fraud and identity theft complaints were filed with the federal government with consumer losses of more than $1 billion. Data includes breakdowns by state and largest metropolitan areas. From the Federal Trade Commission.

Air Travel Consumer Report: February 2007

Categories: Statistics,Transportation

During 2006 airline customers experienced a lower rate of on-time flights and a higher rate of mishandled baggage, but filed fewer complaints than the previous year. The February monthly issue covers 2006 annual data on flight delays, mishandled baggage, overbooked flights, and consumer complaints by individual airline. From the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

Fisheries of the United States: 2005

Categories: Foreign Trade/Investment,Natural Resources,Statistics

Covers U.S. commercial and marine recreational fishery catches, world fisheries data, related U.S. imports and exports, U.S. fishery stocks, and per capita consumption. U.S. per capita consumption of fish declined but consumer expenditures on seafood products increased. From the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Naturalization Rate Estimates: Stock vs. Flow

Categories: Immigration/Migration,Population/Census

Discusses the different methods used by the Census Bureau and the Department of Homeland Security to calculate the rate of naturalization of foreign-born citizens and how the methods lead to different rates. From the Office of Immigration Statistics of the Department of Homeland Security.

Border Apprehensions: 2005

Categories: Crime/Justice,Homeland Security,Immigration/Migration

Brief fact sheet which provides data on recent trends in apprehensions of illegal aliens, including the gender, age, and geographic location where persons where caught in 2005. 1.3 million apprehensions occurred in 2005. From the Office of Immigration Statistics of the Department of Homeland Security.

Estimated Funding for Operations in Iraq and the War on Terrorism

Categories: Afghanistan,Defense/Military,Govt Finance,Iraq,Terrorism

Reports that the U.S. has spent $503 billion through January 2007 for military and diplomatic operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also presents projections for additional spending over the next 10 years under two different scenarios. From the Congressional Budget Office.