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The European Community’s Initial Report Under the Kyoto Protocol

Categories: Climate Change,Environment,European Union,Treaties,United Nations

The first report of the European Union to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Secretariat to demonstrate the capacity of the EU to account for its emissions under the Kyoto treaty. From the European Environment Agency.

U.S. Strategic and Defense Relationships in the Asia-Pacific Region

Categories: Asia,China,Foreign Affairs

Reviews major developments in Asia, such as the emergence of China as a major power and the threat to stability posed by militant Islamists, and the implications for U.S. strategy and policy. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists.

Budget of the United States Government: Fiscal Year 2008

Categories: Govt Finance,Statistics

Shows the proposals for spending and revenues of the Bush Administration plus an array of companion budget titles including Historical Tables, Analytical Perspectives, and the Budget Appendix. From GPO Access.