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An Historical Overview of Revenues and Expenditures for Public Elementary and Secondary Education

Categories: Education,Statistics

Offers data on revenues by source and expenditures by function by state with full dollar amounts and per pupil amounts for each data item. Covers fiscal years 1990-2002. From the National Center for Education Statistics.

United States Clearance of Unexploded Cluster Munitions

Categories: Asia,Defense/Military,East Europe,Waste Management

Summarizes U.S. government efforts in various Asian and European countries to clear unexploded munitions such as landmines. From the State Department.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Nanotechnology White Paper

Categories: Environment,Science/Technology

Examines potential environmental applications and benefits of nanotechnology and also the risks to humans and the environment posed by the new technology. Also offers recommendations in six categories. From the Science Policy Council of the EPA.

A Chartbook of International Labor Comparisons: The Americas: Asia Pacific: Europe

Categories: Asia,Canada,European Union,Labor/Employment,Statistics

Compares labor market and competitiveness indicators, such as labor force participation rates, unemployment rates, hourly compensation costs, and productivity trends, in selected countries, including U.S., Canada, Mexico, 15 European Union countries, and major Asian countries, for the 1995-2005 period. From the Department of Labor..

War Powers Resolution: Presidential Compliance

Categories: Defense/Military,Govt Processes/Organization,Presidency

Examines the application and effectiveness of the War Powers Resolution, the relationship between congress and the president in deciding to commit U.S. troops to war, and why presidential compliance with such a resolution is often controversial.
From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists.

Climate Change: Science and Policy Implications

Categories: Climate Change,Environment,Science/Technology

Reviews the trend of climate warming in recent decades and the human activities which have affected this trend. Also reviews the various projections of future human-driven climate change and the policy options available to the federal government. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists.

Analysis of Global Change Assessments: Lessons Learned

Categories: Climate Change,Environment

Identifies the essential elements of effective global change assessments, including a transparent interface between scientists and policymakers. Also reviews lessons learned from past assessments about such critical environmental issues as loss of biodiversity and ozone depletion. From the National Research Council.

Budget Options

Categories: Govt Finance

Presents more than 250 options for altering federal spending and revenues. Sent to the House and Senate Budget Committees, the report aims to help policymakers in their annual tasks of making budgetary choices, setting priorities, and adapting to changing circumstances. From the Congressional Budget Office.

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