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Children’s Outcomes and Program Quality in Head Start

Categories: Children,Education,Welfare/Social Services

Reports that children in Head Start program showed significant gains in vocabulary, math, and writing skills during the Head Start year. From the Administration for Children and Families.

Earth Science and Applications From Space: National Imperatives for the Next Decade and Beyond

Categories: Climate Change,Science/Technology,Telecommunications/Internet,Weather/Disasters

Calls for renewed budgetary support for NASA and NOAA environmental satellite programs, which are used to study climate change, predict severe storms, and monitor land use, and warns about the implications of failing to do so. From the National Research Council.

Investigative Report on the Lack of Price Thresholds in Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Leases

Categories: Energy,Natural Resources

Reports on the results of an investigation involving a government mistake that is costing millions of dollars in energy royalties from oil companies and also on the failure to rectify the problem. From the Office of the Inspector General of the Interior Department.

India-U.S. Relations

Categories: India

Explores bilateral issues of major importance including defense, nonproliferation, human rights, health, foreign trade and Kashmir. From the State Department.