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Science and Engineering Degrees: 1966-2004

Categories: Education-Higher,Science/Technology,Statistics

Covers bachelors, masters, and PhD. Degrees in science and engineering conferred by U.S. institutions of higher education by field and gender of recipient. From the National Science Foundation

Report on Task 1: The Labor Market Trajectories of 20-24 Year Old Veterans

Categories: Defense/Military,Labor/Employment

Looks at the recent high unemployment rates for young veterans and the causes for these rates. Surveys veterans 1, 13, 26, and 39 weeks after they leave the military. A future second part will report at greater length on the factors contributing to unemployment for veterans. From a private organization, funded by the Department of Labor.

DOD Survey of Health Related Behaviors Among Active Duty Military Personnel

Categories: Defense/Military,Health/Medical

Subtitled: A Component of the Defense Lifestyle Assessment Program. Reveals that use of drugs and smoking is down, but heavy drinking and smokeless tobacco are still a concern. Continues a tradition of surveying behavioral factors that affect the health readiness of the military forces. From the Department of Defense.