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Protecting the Security of Sensitive Individual Information in Executive Branch Operations

Categories: Govt Information,Privacy,Telecommunications/Internet,Virginia Issues

Executive Order 43 which charges the Secretary of Technology with coordinating efforts to assure protection and privacy of citizen information in agency files and orders annual reports on the matter on October 15th. From the Office of the Governor.

World Proved Crude Oil Reserves, January 1, 1980 – January 1, 2007

Categories: Energy,Statistics

Spreadsheet with data showing crude oil reserves annually by region and country. From the Energy Information Administration

Islam: Sunnis and Shiites

Categories: Iran,Iraq,Religion/Ethics

While most Muslims follow the Sunni branch of Islam, approximately 10-15% of Muslims follow the Shiite branch. Shiite populations constitute a Muslim majority in Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, and Azerbaijan. This report includes a historical background of the Sunni-Shiite split and discusses the similarities and differences in religious beliefs and practices. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists.

Incapacity of a Member of the Senate

Categories: Congress,Govt Processes/Organization,Health/Medical

Discusses the methods by which a vacancy in a Senate seat can occur, namely by resignation, death, acceptance of an incompatible office, or expulsion, and past events of some relevance to the current illness of the Senator from South Dakota. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists.

Securing, Stabilizing and Rebuilding Iraq: Key Issues for Congressional Oversight

Categories: Defense/Military,Iraq

A series of issue papers that focus on the U.S. strategy and cost of operations in Iraq; security, governance, and reconstruction issues; the readiness of U.S. military forces; and acquisition outcomes. Draws on 67 previous Iraq-related reports to lay out issues for the 110th Congress. From the Government Accountability Office

Effects of Increasing the Federal Minimum Wage Versus Expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit

Categories: Income/Poverty,Taxes,Welfare/Social Services

Examines the potential impacts on workers whose family income was below the federal poverty threshold of implementing changes in the federal minimum wage versus expanding the earned income tax credit. From the Congressional Budget Office.

Bariatric Surgery Utilization and Outcomes in 1998 and 2004

Categories: Health/Medical

Offers data on the number of gastric bypass surgeries to treat extreme obesity and the effectivenss of those procedures. From the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Reevaluating the Deterrent Effect of Capital Punishment: Model and Data Uncertainty

Categories: Crime/Justice

Presents a methodology by which one can integrate various statistical studies into a single coherent analysis. Concludes there is little empirical evidence in favor of the deterrence hypothesis. Funded by the National Institute of Justice.

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