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Virginia Performs

Shows how Virginia state government is doing in seven key areas: economy, education, health and family, public safety, natural resources, transportation and government & citizens. Allows citizens to review measurable performance targets for state agencies and to monitor how the state compares with other states on a variety of resource indicators. From the Council on Virginia’s Future.

Alternatives for Military Space Radar

Categories: Defense/Military,Foreign Affairs,Science/Technology

Examines the costs and potential performance of four possible designs for an improved space radar system for the military and intelligence communities. Also discusses some of the technological challenges associated with developing and operating space radar satellites. From the Congressional Budget Office.

Prescription Drug Pricing in the Private Sector

Categories: Health/Medical,Prices/Inflation

Attempts to explain the movement of prescription drugs to market and the prices that are charged. Includes prices, discounts, and rebates, the process by which payments are determined, and the relative prices that retail pharmacies and nonretail providers pay for prescription drugs. From the Congressional Budget Office.

China’s National Defense in 2006

Categories: China,Defense/Military

Covers defense policy, expenditures, military forces, and international security cooperation. From the Annual White Paper on National Defense from the Chinese government. Posted by the Federation of American Scientists.

Estimates of Population Change for the U.S., Regions and States and State Rankings:July 1 2005 to 20

Categories: Population/Census,Statistics

Shows population estimate for nation, regions, and states as of July 1, 2005 and July 1, 2006 with percentage increase or decrease and ranking. From the Census Bureau.

Annual Estimates of the Population for the United States, Regions, and States: 2000 to 2006

Categories: Population/Census,Statistics

Shows annual July 1st population estimates for the states and regions since the April 1, 2000 Census count. From the Census Bureau.

Louisiana Loses Population; Arizona Edges Nevada as Fastest-Growing State

Categories: Population/Census,Statistics

Press release on latest population estimates of the states as of July 1, 2006. Texas gained more people than any other state between July 1, 2005 and July 1, 2006, but Arizona had the fastest growing rate. From the Census Bureau.

Medicaid Commission: Final Report and Recommendations

Categories: Health/Medical,Medicare/Medicaid

Final report on recommendations for long-term sustainability of the Medicaid program. Calls, among other things, for increased state flexibility in the design and administration of the program, and public incentives to promote individual responsibility for long-term care needs. From the Commission.

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