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U.S. Industrial R & D Performers Report Increased Expenditures for 2004

Categories: Science/Technology,Statistics

Short datasheet which offers latest spending on research and development activities by U.S. companies. Such spending totaled $208 billion in current dollars during 2004. Covers spending by industry, size of company, and state. From the National Science Foundation.

Factors Affecting … Selected Contaminants in Ground Water from the Piedmont Aquifer System

Categories: Environment,Geology/Mining,Natural Resources

Analysis of the quality of the ground water from the aquifer system which supplies drinking water to Virginia and many other eastern states. Full title is Factors Affecting Occurrence and Distribution of Selected Contaminants in Ground Water from Selected Areas in the Piedmont Aquifer System, Eastern United States, 1993-2003. From the U.S. Geological Survey.

Expanding E-Government: Making a Difference for the American People Using Information Technology

Categories: Govt Processes/Organization,Telecommunications/Internet

Discusses the progress made in implementing 25 E-Government initiatives. Includes a list of the E-Government website names and URLs. From the Office of Management and Budget.

Ecological Benefits Assessment Strategic Plan

Categories: Environment,Govt Processes/Organization,Laws/Regulations$File/EE-0485-01.pdf

Proposes an integrated process for assessing ecological benefits expected to result from regulatory actions. The goal of an ecological benefits assessment is to estimate the benefits of an environmental policy, and to estimate the value to society in monetary terms. From the Environmental Protection Agency.

Bosnia and the European Union Military Force (EUFOR): Post-NATO Peacekeeping

Categories: East Europe,European Union,NATO

Discusses events in Bosnia since the transfer of peacekeeping responsibilities from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Stabilization Force to a European Union military force in 2004. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists.

New Drug Development: Science, Business, Regulatory, and Intellectual Property Issues … Hampe

Categories: Copyright/Patents,Health/Medical

Reviews the process of bringing new drugs to market, presents data on the decreasing number of new drug applications and increasing cost of research, and offers experts views on why these trends are occurring. From the Government Accountability Office.

Is Social Security Progressive?

Categories: Retirement/Social Security

Argues that social security is a progressive program whether all social security benefits, including disability, are involved in the calculation or whether the focus is restricted to retirement programs. From the Congressional Budget Office.

Federal Information Collection: A Reexamination of … Major Federal Household Surveys Is Neede

Categories: Govt Finance,Statistics

Calls upon the Interagency Council on Statistical Policy to conduct a reexamination of major federal household surveys to eliminate unnecessary duplication and meet emerging information needs in a more cost-effective manner. From the Government Accountability Office.

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