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Stern Review Report on the Economics of Climate Change

Categories: Climate Change,Environment,Great Britain,Headlines

Described as the most comprehensive review ever carried out on the economics of climate change. Calculates that climate change risks raising average temperatures by over 5 degrees Celsius from preindustrial levels and such change would cost 5% of GDP annually, while the costs of instituting measures to avoid the worst impacts would be limited to 1% of GDP. From Sir Nicholas Stern, Head of the British Economics Service.

National Party Financial Activity Summarized October 2006

Categories: Elections/Campaigns,Statistics

National committees of the Republican and Democratic Parties have spent $177.3 million to support or oppose candidates for Congress. These expenditures are 54% higher than for the comparable period of 2004. From the Federal Election Commission.

Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted 2005

Categories: Crime/Justice,Statistics

Annual statistical report that reveals that 55 officers were killed in the line of duty, 67 died in accidents, and more than 57,000 suffered assaults. From the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

NASA and NOAA Announce Antarctic Ozone Hole is a Record Breaker

Categories: Arctic/Antarctic,Climate Change,Environment

Press release about the largest ozone hole every observed at 10.6 million square miles in the polar region of the Southern Hemisphere. From the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Africa Development Indicators 2006

Categories: Africa,Statistics

Contains about 450 macroeconomic, sectoral, and social indicators covering 53 African countries. A reference tool for those who want a better understanding of economic and social developments and aid flows in Africa. From the World Bank

Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction: October 2006 Quarterly Report

Categories: Iraq

The 11th quarterly report dealing with the reconstruction effort in Iraq. Warns that security in Baghdad must improve for reconstruction to progress. Includes overall views of the task including urgent matters that require immediate action, a sector-by-sector analyses, and summaries of audits and investigations. From the Office of the Special Inspector General.

Benefits of Proposed Democratic Medicare Drug Program Reforms

Categories: Elderly,Govt Finance,Health/Medical,Medicare/Medicaid

Proposes reforms to the Medicare prescription drug program including directing the federal government to negotiate with drug companies for lower prices, using cost savings to eliminate the so-called donut benefits hole, and simplifying choices by offering a standard federal plan. From the Minority Staff of the House Committee on Government Reform.

The Role of Law Enforcement in Public Health Emergencies

Categories: Crime/Justice,Health/Medical

Discusses the role that law enforcement officers might have to play in the event of a public health emergency like a flu epidemic, including enforcement of public health orders, securing health care facilities, protection of stockpiles of vaccines and more. From the Bureau of Justice Assistance of the Justice Department.

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