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A Review of the FBI’s Handling of Intelligence Information Related to Sept. 11 Attacks

Categories: Crime/Justice,Foreign Affairs,Homeland Security,Terrorism

An unclassified version of the full report of the Inspector General of the Justice Department, originally completed for Congress and the FBI in 2004 and released in part to the public last year. The new material includes the IG review of the FBI’s handling of the investigation of Zacarias Moussaoui, material that was withheld until the completion of his trial. The IG blamed systemic problems for the FBI bungling rather than deliberate misconduct by any officials. From the Office of the Inspector General.

Davis v. Washington

Categories: Crime/Justice,Supreme Court/courts

Supreme Court decision that attempts to determine when a witness statement is non-testimonial and does not require the appearance of the witness at trial, and when it is testimonial and the appearance is required. The court ruled that the statement is nontestimonial if given during an emergency such as a 911 call, but testimonial if given to police under nonemergency conditions. From

FEMA’s Control Weaknesses Exposed the Government to Significant Fraud and Abuse

Categories: Govt Finance,Weather/Disasters

Recounts how inadequate financial controls by the Federal Emergency Management Agency led to widespread abuse of the Expedited Assistance program for providing emergency relief support to victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. From the Government Accountability Office.

Rapanos et al. v. U.S.

Categories: Environment,Headlines,Natural Resources,Supreme Court/courts

5-4 Supreme Court decision that limits federal power under the Clean Water Act to protect wetlands and other bodies of water where the area in question lacks a significant connection to navigable waters. From