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2005 Gulf Coast Area Data Profiles

Categories: African Americans,Population/Census,Weather/Disasters

Special tabulation of the population of the Gulf Coast area before and after Hurricane Katrina which shows that the New Orleans metro area is smaller and whiter. The Black population fell from 36.6% before the storm to 21,7% in January 2006. Also shows age, Hispanic origin and household characteristics of the before and after populations of the affected areas of Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi. From the American Community Survey of the Census Bureau.

Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records

Categories: Foreign Affairs,History,Japan

Announces release of more declassified records from World War II era. From the Interagency Working Group of the National Archives and Records Administration

Violent Crime Overview, Homicide and Gun Crime 2004-2005

Categories: Crime/Justice,Great Britain,Guns

Reports that violent crime has fallen by 43% in Great Britain over the past decade, primarily due to a decline in domestic and acquaintance violence. Covers types and seriousness of violent crime, victims and offenders characteristics and relationships, and geographical patterns. From the British Home Office.

Projections of Net Migration to the United States

Categories: Govt Finance,Immigration/Migration

Examines various projections of future immigration to the United States and the methodologies used in those projections by the Census Bureau, the Social Security Administration and others in order to determine the effect of migration on the economy and budget. Also discusses the factors that might influence the level and composition of immigration. From the Congressional Budget Office.