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Hamdam v. Rumsfeld

Categories: Civil/Human Rights,Crime/Justice,Headlines,Supreme Court/courts,Terrorism

5-3 Supreme Court decision that rejected the Bush Administration plan to try Guantanamo detainees before military commissions set up by presidential order. Such commissions were declared to be unconstitutional and the structure and procedures proposed to try the defendants were found to be in violation of the Code of Military Justice and the Geneva Conventions. Chief Justice Roberts, who was involved in the Appeals Court decision that was overturned, recused himself from the case. From

Sanchez-Llamos v. Oregon

Categories: Crime/Justice,Foreign Affairs,Supreme Court/courts

Supreme Court decision which rejected the argument that evidence should be suppressed because arresting authorities did not inform a foreign national defendant of his rights under Article 36 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. From

Same-Sex Marriages: Legal Issues

Categories: Civil/Human Rights,Marriage/Family

Updates a study of the issue previously published in December 2005. Reviews measures employed by states to prevent same sex marriages and recent congressional developments. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the State Department.

Native Hawaiian- and Other Pacific Islander-Owned Firms: 2002

Categories: Asian Americans,Business/Economics,Statistics

Offers statistics on number of firms owned, size of payroll and sales of nearly 29,000 business firms owned by Native Hawaiian Islander and Other Pacific Islander people in the U.S., states, counties and metro areas. From the Census Bureau 2002 Economic Census Survey of Business Owners.

Annual Report on the Federal Work Force: Fiscal Year 2005

Categories: Civil/Human Rights,Labor/Employment

Presents a summary of equal employment opportunity program activities in the federal government and a workforce profile of 59 agencies. In FY 2005, there were 2.6 million people in the federal workforce of which 57% were men, 43% women, 66.5% were white, 18.3% were black, 7.6% were Hispanic 5.9% were Asian American/Pacific Islanders and 1.7% were American Indian/Alaskan Natives. From the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

League of United Latin American Citizens et al. v. Perry, Governor of Texas et al.

Categories: Civil/Human Rights,Elections/Campaigns,Headlines,Hispanics,Supreme Court/courts

Supreme Court decision in the controversial Texas redistricting plan orchestrated by former representative Tom Delay. The court gave the green light to frequent redistrictings as constitutional, failed to reach any agreement on the limits to gerrymandering, but decided that one district drawn in Texas violated voting rights of minority citizens. From

Energy Security: Issues Related to Potential Reductions in Venezuelan Oill Production

Categories: Energy,Foreign Trade/Investment,Latin America,Venezuela

Venezuela supplies about 11% of current U.S. oil imports and owns five refineries in the U.S. This report reviews how the production and export of oil from Venezuela to the U.S. has changed in recent years, the potential impact of a reduction in Venezuelan oil exports to the U.S., and the status of U.S. government activities and policies to ensure a reliable supply of oil from Venezuela. From the Government Accountability Office

Prescription for Harm: The Decline in FDA Enforcement Activity

Categories: Health/Medical,Laws/Regulations

Allegations of serious deficiencies in enforcement activity by the Food and Drug Administration, because of a 50% reduction in issuance of warning letters by the commission between 2000 and 2005. From the House Committee on Government Reform Minority Staff.

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