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Earl Gregg Swem Library

Nanoparticle Information Library

Categories: Health/Medical,Labor/Employment,Science/Technology

An interactive database of information on different types of nanoparticles in current use, their physical and chemical characteristics, and their occupational health and safety implications. From the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Voting and Registration in the Election of November 2004

Categories: Elections/Campaigns,Headlines

Examines levels of voting and registration in the November 2004 presidential election, the characteristics of citizens who reported that they registered for or voted in the election, and the reasons why registered voters did not vote. From the Bureau of the Census.

Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering, Fall 2003

Categories: Education-Higher,Science/Technology

Enrollment data by specific field and demographic characteristics. Covers more than 12,000 graduate departments from nearly 600 institutions. From the National Science Foundation

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): The Definition of Disability

Categories: Disability,Supreme Court/courts

Discusses how the Supreme Court has determined whether an individual is disabled and how lower courts are interpreting the Supreme Court’s decision. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by OpenCRS.

Proposed Performance Measures, Practices and Approaches for Government-Wide Citizen Activity

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection,Govt Processes/Organization

Proposes a series of guidelines and standards for government response to citizen inquiries by email, phone, letter, or in-person. From the Citizen Service Levels Interagency Committee of the General Services Administration

An Analysis of the President’s Budgetary Proposals for Fiscal Year 2007

Categories: Govt Finance

Estimates that the president’s proposals would add $35 billion to the deficit for 2006 by reducing revenues by $9 billion and increasing outlays by $27 billion (mostly for military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq). Also includes estimates for the 2007-2016 period. From the Congressional Budget Office.

Pseudo-Secrets: A Freedom of Information Audit of the U.S. Government’s Policies …

Categories: Govt Information

Reports on an unofficial survey of the varieties of policies used by federal agencies to withhold information as sensitive but unclassified. From the National Security Archive.