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Earl Gregg Swem Library

Reprocessed Combatant Status Review Tribunal and Administrative Review Board Documents

Categories: Defense/Military,Govt Information,Terrorism

6000 pages of hearings, released by the Defense Department following a Freedom of Information Act suit by the Associated Press, relating to Guantanamo Bay detainees. Includes testimony of detainees before the Tribunal, and Administrative Review Board Summaries of detention release factors. . Names and nationalities of detainees occur when mentioned by the interrogators.

Information and Communication Technology: 2004

Categories: Business/Economics,Science/Technology,Statistics,Telecommunications/Internet

Data on computer and telecommunications investments by nonfarm businesses in 2004. Serves as a supplement to the Annual Capital Expenditures Survey. From the Census Bureau.

Annual Capital Expenditures: 2004

Categories: Business/Economics,Statistics

Offers data on annual capital investment in structures and equipment by nonfarm businesses in 136 industry categories. Also offers data on trends in capital expenditures. From the Census Bureau.

Evaluating Benefit Guarantees in Social Security

Categories: Govt Finance,Retirement/Social Security

Some proposals for incorporating individual accounts within Social Security call for a guaranteed minimum benefit regardless of investment outcome. This paper attempts to analyze the value of such guarantees and the potential cost to the government. From the Congressional Budget Office.

65+ in the United States: 2005

Categories: Elderly,Population/Census

An in-depth data portrait of the elderly population, which is healthier, wealthier, and more numerous than ever before. Examines five key areas: growth of the older population, longevity and health, economic characteristics, geographic distribution, and social and other characteristics including voting behavior. From the Census Bureau and the National Institute on Aging.