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Structure Fire Response Times

Categories: Homeland Security,Statistics

Firefighters reach a structure fire within 5 minutes of being alerted for 50 per cent of such fires and within 11 minutes for 90 per cent of fires. This report covers regional, seasonal, and time of day variations in this trend. From the U.S. Fire Administration

National Fire Department Census Summary Data

Categories: Homeland Security,Statistics

Data on the number and types, career or volunteer, of fire departments in the U.S. Also shows percentages of fire departments which provide special services. From the U.S. Fire Administration.

Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program: 2005, Annual Report to the Congress

Annual report to Congress on the federal government’s efforts to recruit minorities into the federal workforce and the representation of minorities within the federal government.. From the Office of Personnel Management.

Palestinian Elections

Categories: Elections/Campaigns,Foreign Affairs,Middle East Conflict

Analyzes the 2005-2006 elections, the significance of the change of power from Fatah to Hamas, and the international reaction. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the State Department.

Fertility, Family Planning, and Reproductive Health of U.S. Women

Categories: Health/Medical,Marriage/Family,Population/Census,Statistics,Women

Among recent births, 65 percent occurred within marriage, 14 percent within cohabiting unions, and 21 percent to women in neither type of relationship. The report presents national estimates of fertility, family planning, and reproductive health indicators among females 15-44 years of age in the U.S. in 2002 by demographic characteristics such as education, income and race/Hispanic origin. From the National Center for Health Statistics.

Immigration Policy in the United States

Categories: Headlines,Immigration/Migration

One of a series of reports on immigration by the Congressional Budget Office. This report focuses on the evolution of U.S. immigration policy and offers statistics on the various categories of lawful admission and enforcement of the immigration laws.

Health Status, Health Insurance, and Health Services Utilization: 2001

Categories: Health Insurance,Health/Medical

Provides data on the frequency of visits to doctors, dentists, and hospitals, and whether people are taking prescription medicines by economic and demographic characteristics. Also provides data on frequency of health services utilization by health insurance status. From the Census Bureau.