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Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774-2005

Categories: Congress,Govt Processes/Organization,History

The first revision of a standard reference title since the 1989 edition. Offers biographical information on the nearly 12,000 people who have served in the U.S. Congress since 1789 and in the Continental Congresses between 1774 and 1789. Also provides rosters of the state congressional delegations from the 1st through the 108th Congresses. From GPO Access.

Ambulatory Care Visits to Physician Offices, Hospital Outpatient … Departments: U. S. 2001-2002

Categories: Health/Medical,Statistics

Patients made an estimated 1.1 billion visits to physician offices, hospital emergency rooms, and three other medical specialty care facilities, the first time this annual figure has surpassed 1 billion. From the National Center for Health Statistics.

The U.S. Military: Under Strain and At Risk

Categories: Afghanistan,Defense/Military,Foreign Affairs,Iraq

One of several recent public and private reports on the problems of military recruiting, force retention, equipment shortfalls, and force exhaustion from the Afghanistan and Iraq missions. Prepared by a committee, chaired by William Perry, former Secretary of Defense in the Clinton administration. Privately financed but posted by the National Defense University.

Management of Rapid Regional Response Program Contracts in South-Central Iraq

Categories: Foreign Affairs,Foreign Assistance,Govt Finance,Iraq

Inspector General report on poor management of 907 contracts and other purchases worth $88 million by representatives of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq during 2003-2004. From the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction.

Public Funding of Higher Education in Virginia

Categories: Education-Higher,Govt Finance,Headlines,Virginia Issues$file/SD11.pdf

Report of a joint subcommittee to the 2006 Session of the General Assembly. Offers a variety of policy options relating to increasing access, promoting affordability, and encouraging timely completion of degree programs for legislative consideration. Issued as Senate Document No. 11

The Budget and Economic Outlook: Fiscal Years 2007 to 2016

Categories: Business/Economics,Govt Finance

Latest report on projections for the federal budget, the U. S economy, federal revenue and federal spending to 2016. Also includes sections on the budgetary effects of hurricane relief, changes to the budget outlook since August 2005, and historical tables. From the Congressional Budget Office.

Survey of Business Owners: Women-Owned Firms: 2002

Categories: Business/Economics,Statistics,Women

800+ pages of data on women-owned businesses at the national, state, and local level by detailed type of business. Part of the Economic Census. From the Census Bureau.

Drinking Water: EPA Should Strengthen Ongoing Efforts

Categories: Environment,Laws/Regulations

Discusses problems in assuring the public that water is free from lead contamination. Lax implementation of existing rules, poor state performance in testing water, and questionable existing standards for plumbing materials all contribute to the situation. Recommends strengthening of programs to test the quality of water in schools and child care facilities. From the Government Accountability Office.

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