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Constitution of the United States of America: 2002 Edition and Supplements

Categories: Laws/Regulations,Supreme Court/courts

Consists of an annotated Constitution of the U.S. and analyses of cases decided by the Supreme Court as they relate to provisions of the Constitution. From GPO Access.

Unified Agenda, October 2005 Edition

Categories: Govt Processes/Organization,Laws/Regulations

Latest semi-annual edition, which presents rules and proposed rules which federal agencies expect to issue in the next 6 months. From GPO Access.

CDC Study Documents High Cost and Impact of Intimate Partner Violence

Categories: Crime/Justice,Health/Medical

Press release which summarizes findings of study on cost and impact of spouse abuse which affects 32 million Americans and results in 1200 deaths annually. Study published in the journal, Violence and Victims, estimates costs where women were victims and those where men were victims. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Preliminary Births for 2004

Categories: Health/Medical

Reports that 4.1 million births occurred in the U.S. in 2004. Also provides characteristics of mothers. From the National Center for Health Statistics

Broadband Internet Access and the Digital Divide: Federal Assistance Programs

Categories: Govt Processes/Organization,Science/Technology

Examines the debate over whether the federal government should provide assistance for those without high speed Internet access. From the Congressional Research Service via the Pierce Law Center.

Federal Advertising Law: An Overview

Categories: Advertising/Marketing,Alcohol/Drug Abuse,Business/Economics,Laws/Regulations,Smoking/Tobacco

Provides an overview of federal law relating to six advertising issues: alcohol, tobacco, mail advertising, phone advertising, spam email, and the Federal Trade Commission Act. From the Congressional Research Service via the Pierce Law Center

Deficit Reduction and Spectrum Auctions: FY 2006 Budget Reconciliation

Categories: Govt Finance,Science/Technology,Telecommunications/Internet

Explains the relationship between the transition to digital television, the auction of commercially valuable broadcast spectrum channels, and the budget deficit. From the Congressional Research Service, via

Gonzales v. Oregon: Physician Assisted Suicide and the Controlled Substances Act

Categories: Health/Medical,Laws/Regulations

Examines whether the federal Controlled Substances Act authorizes the Attorney General to prohibit the distribution of federally controlled substances (i.e. drugs) for use in physician-assisted suicide and the relationship of state laws, such as Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act to such federal acts. From the Congressional Research Service via

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