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County Business Patterns: United States 2003

Categories: Business/Economics

National level data on establishments, employees, and payrolls at detailed industry levels. From the Census Bureau

County Business Patterns: Virginia 2003

Categories: Business/Economics,Virginia Issues

Latest annual data on number of establishments, size of payroll and number of employees by industry at the state and county level for Virginia. Other states also available at same site:

International Affairs: Information on U.S. AgenciesÂ’ Efforts to Address Islamic Extremism

Categories: Arab,Foreign Affairs,Religion/Ethics,Terrorism

Examines what U.S. agencies are doing to prevent the spread of Islamic extremist movements, what is known about support and funding for such extremist organizations by Saudi Arabian sources, and what the government of Saudi Arabia is doing to counter Islamic extremism. From the Government Accountability Office.

Digital Mammography Trial Results Announced

Categories: Health/Medical

Reveals that digital mammograms were more effective than film mammograms in detecting breast cancers in women younger than 50. in a major government test covering 50,000 women. Offers links to questions and answers about the test but not the full text of the document pending publication in a medical journal.

FDA Releases Results of Study on Defibrillator and Pacemaker Malfunctions

Categories: Health/Medical

Press release about results of study by Food and Drug Administration that found 4,225 defibrillators had failed between 2000 and 2003 and that malfunctioning defibrillators and pacemakers were directly responsible for 61 deaths between 1990 and 2002. The text of the study was not made available pending release to a medical journal for publication.

2005 World Summit Outcome

Categories: Headlines,United Nations

Final document of the Millennium Summit at the United Nations, September 14-16, 2005 which condemns terrorism, calls for increased aid to poor countries, proposes an independent committee to monitor U.N. finances to avoid future scandals like the Oil for Food Program in Iraq, and proposes a Human Rights Council to replace the Human Rights Commission. The proposals were referred to the General Assembly for action

Environmental Health Needs and Habitability Assessment

Categories: Environment,Health/Medical,Weather/Disasters

Provides an initial assessment of the environmental and health issues to be considered before local officials and residents return to the city of New Orleans. From the Centers for Disease Control and the Environmental Protection Agency

Presidential Determination on Major Drug Transit or Major Illicit Drug Producing Countries…

Categories: Burma,Crime/Justice,Foreign Affairs,Venezuela

Latest in a series of annual reports covers FY 2006. Cites twenty countries as major drug transit or drug producing countries with Burma and Venezuela singled out for particular concern. Removes China and Vietnam from previous list. From the State Department

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