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The Management of the United Nations Oil-for-Food Programme

Categories: Foreign Affairs,Headlines,Iraq,United Nations

The definitive report, in 4 volumes, on mismanagement of the UN’s Oil-for-Food program in Iraq. From the Independent Inquiry Committee headed by former Federal Reserve Chairman, Paul Volcker

Environmental Consequences of the Chernobyl Accident and Their Remediation

Categories: Environment,Nuclear Energy

Reports findings and recommendations of a panel of UN experts on the environmental consequences of the 1986 nuclear accident at Chernobyl

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics 2003

Categories: Crime/Justice

Announces availability of newest edition and offers links to the university partner site for online version. Covers characteristics of the criminal justice system, public attitudes toward crime, crimes committed, characteristics of those arrested, judicial processing of defendants, and persons under correctional supervision. From the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Overview of U.S. Legislation and Regulations Affecting Offshore Natural Gas and Oil Activity

Categories: Energy,Environment

Summarizes the history of offshore energy exploration and development, the clashing interests involved, and the laws/regulations which frame it. From the Energy Information Administration.

NNSA Security: An Independent Review

Categories: Energy,Homeland Security

Report completed last spring by an agency of the Energy Department which is critical of security levels at government nuclear facilities. From the National Nuclear Security Administration; made public through a FOIA request of the Project on Government Oversight.

Quarantine Stations at Ports of Entry Protecting the Public’s Health

Categories: Health/Medical,Homeland Security

Calls for greater protection against microbial threats from abroad by increasing resources for more quarantine stations at ports of entry and by enlarging monitoring responsibilities of Centers for Disease Control. From the Institute of Medicine

U.S. Sole Proprietorships: A Gender Comparison, 1985-2000

Categories: Business/Economics,Women

Examines the growth patterns of male vs. female small businesses and differences in earnings and types of businesses owned. From the Small Business Administration

Prevalence of Diagnosis and Medication Treatment for Attention-Deficit/Hyper-Activity Disorder:2003

Categories: Health/Medical

Most recent estimates of prevalence of AD/HD among children aged 4-17.. Also reports wide variation in diagnosis by state and sociodemographic characteristics. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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