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Comparing the Pay of Federal and Nonfederal Law Enforcement Officers

Categories: Crime/Justice,Govt Finance,Income/Poverty

Compares the pay (but not the benefit packages) of federal law enforcement officers with local officers in national and regional labor markets and selected federal locality-pay areas. From the Congressional Budget Office

Number of Bankruptcy Cases Filed in Federal Courts Up Less Than One Per Cent for 12-Month Period

Categories: Business/Economics

1.6 million bankruptcy cases were filed in the 12 month period ending June 30, 2005. Offers data on trends over the past few years. From the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts.

Status and Trends in the Education of American Indians and Alaska Natives

Categories: Education,Native Americans

Presents a selection of indicators that illustrate the educational achievement and attainment of American Indians and Alaska Natives over the past 20 years, From the National Center for Education Statistics

Employee Benefits in Private Industry, 2005

Categories: Health/Medical,Labor/Employment

Reports that 70% of employees in private industry had access to medical care plans and 53% participated in them. For retirement plans, the figures were 60% and 50%. Also provides other characteristics of benefit plans. From the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Women of Protest: Photographs from the Records of the National Woman’s Party

Categories: Elections/Campaigns,Women

A collection of photographs (1875-1938) of the picketing, parades, and demonstrations carried out to call attention to women’s suffrage issues. From the Library of Congress American Memory site.

Zimbabwe After the 2005 Parliamentary Election

Categories: Elections/Campaigns,Foreign Affairs

Reviews the political, economic and human rights situation in Zimbabwe following the March 2005 elections. A British House of Commons Library Research Paper

Survey of State Procedures Related to Firearm Sales, Midyear 2004

Categories: Crime/Justice,Guns

Summarizes issues about state procedures, including persons prohibited from purchasing firearms, restoration of rights of purchase, permits issued, types of prohibited firearms, waiting periods, fees, rejections, and appeals. From the Department of Justice

2004 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries: Preliminary Data

Categories: Health/Medical,Labor/Employment

Offers details on the 5, 703 fatal work injuries recorded in the U.S. during 2004

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